iiiD Physics


iiiD is a 3D rigid body simulation library written entirely in portable C++ by Randy Gaul.

iiiD has a few interesting features that are quite desirable for DigiPen game projects:


  • LCP solver with Sequential Impulses
  • Highly stable, efficient, and deterministic results
  • Very simple to use API
  • Library is not thread-safe, but can easily be placed onto an isolated thread
  • Simple communication of events and collisions with callbacks
  • Islanding simulation and sleeping
  • Warm starting
  • Generic 3D polyhedra and sphere collision detection
  • Efficient data oriented implementation
  • Math is built-in
  • SAT collision detection with Gauss Map Optimization
    • Highly optimized collision routines
  • Dynamic AABB Tree Broadphase
  • Quick Hull convex hull generation
  • Half Edge Mesh implementation
  • Half Edge Mesh file loader
  • Half Edge to OBJ format converter

Demo Videos

User Manual

Currently no user manual exists for the iiiD physics engine.


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