Reflection in C++ is a way of storing information available at compile-time. Usually, upon compilation, much information about the compiling code is lost. This information, if accessible during run-time, could be used for some desirable features.

NOTE: CCReflect is only available for DigiPen students to use within DigiPen projects.


CCReflect has a few interesting features that are quite desirable for DigiPen game projects:

  • Automated serialization of objects to a text file
  • Automated registration of any C++ function to Lua
  • Automated to Lua functionality for C++ objects
  • Simple to implement generic messaging
  • Generic functor object called VariantFunction
    • Bindable to object methods and object instances
  • Run-time enumeration editor
  • Enumerations to Lua and back
  • Simple and easy to use Lua coroutine support
  • Simple threading library with generic functor
  • Threaded clock and timer
  • Variant and RefVariant data type

Obligatory Showing Off

I created a pretty sweet tech demo using this reflection library, enjoy:

User Manual

For more information please see the nice pdf manual I created:

Download (PDF, Unknown)


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