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Each project is created from scratch primarily with C++. Each project mentioned here has a link to additional information about the project. Projects are listed in chronological order of start date, the top the most recent. Some projects are still on-going.

Neural Network Single-File Library

Researched and implemented neural network technology for solving a variety of semi-meaningful problems. Implementation largely based off of Timothy Master’s book “Practical Neural Network Recipes in C++”.

Compiler for the qM Language

Designed the language qM and implemented large pieces of a compiler for the language. The goal of the language was to support run-time and compile-time introspection, empowering a single competent user to generate large amounts of code through code-gen or meta-programming techniques.

LM (Linear Memory), 3D Physics Engine (Student Project)


A more advanced version of the previous iiiD physics engine (see below). Currently in development for some final project class credits.

qu3e – 3D Open Source Lightweight Physics Engine

One lonely weekend a coding experiment turned into something fun to open source! Click on the title for a link to the github project page.

Polyhedral Set Operations (Internship)

While interning at thatgamecompany (TGC) I implemented, in C++, the following: procedural geometry generation, complex polygon triangulation, boolean mesh operations (polyhedral set operations), collision detection and closest points algorithm for OBB pairs.

A demo video presented internally at TGC is shown here (only set operations):

SEL Game Engine

Simple Engine Library (SEL) is a 2D open source (Zlib license) game engine written in cross-platform C++ and LuaSEL is a professional and modern engine that utilizes the component based model to facilitate very efficient development cycles.

SEL is ideal for two specific uses:

  • Creation of any 2D game
  • Study as reference for all interested in computer science, especially game engines

iiiD (3D) Physics Engine (Student Project)

3D rigid body simulation library written entirely in portable C++ with many advanced features.

iiD (2D) Physics Library (Student Project)

2D rigid body simulation library written entirely in portable C++ with many advanced features.

Impulse Engine

Simple and portable 2D physics simulation.

Custom C++ Reflection (Student Project)

Advanced automation library for many rigorous tasks, such as scripting/function binding and serialization.

Lonely Knight, a 2D Platformer (Student Project)

Ancient Forest and Grumpy Monsters, a 2D RTS (Student Project)

TerraNisi, a text based console game (Student Project)


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