What is there to Hate about References?

I find most usage of references annoying cruft. Often the arguments I see or hear that are “pro-reference” make the same lame points that most of the internet makes: Pointers are dangerous Pointers are ambiguous and confusing NULL pointers lead to undefined behavior and crashes Just google “pointers and references” Continue Reading →

Cache Aware Components

Special thanks to Danny Frisbie for a nice discussion on the PODHandler implementation! Let me start off by saying that optimizations really only need to be applied to bottlenecks. In order to know where a bottleneck might occur (especially cache related ones) you’ll probably need some experience. The experience not need Continue Reading →

Sane Usage of Components and Entity Systems

With some discussion going in a previous article about how to actually implement some sort of component system for a game engine, without vague theory or dogma, a need for some higher level perspective was reached, and so this article arose. In general an aggregation model is often useful when Continue Reading →

Deriving OBB to OBB Intersection and Manifold Generation


The Oriented Bounding Box (OBB) is commonly used all over the place in terms of simulation and game logic. Although often times OBBs aren’t actually bounding anything, and really just represent an implicitly defined box. OBBs commonly come in 2D and 3D form, though there aren’t all that many resources Continue Reading →

Transposed Matrix Properties

Today I derived, geometrically, the following: \begin{equation} (A * B)^{T} = C \\ C = B^{T} * A^{T} \label{eq1} \end{equation} Listed on the wikipedia page without much a description (property number 3), this property hid from me for a good 24 hours and confused me. I had been working on creating Continue Reading →