Implementing a Game Engine: SEL

Edit: This series might be educational but I did write it as a student and hadn’t ever shipped a real game with the below information. Other people might have shipped real games with similar techniques, but me specifically, as the author, did not. Just a fair warning :)

Here lays an article series about implementation details of a custom game engine in C++. The techniques presented here, though my own, are mostly learned from various programmers who are much better than I am. Luckily I am able to share the information taught to me to all readers!

Each article is a selected topic about a specific portion of the game engine SEL. Hopefully the open-source nature of SEL can provide others with a great resource for learning all of the various topics presented here.

Article series (in no particular order, other than release date):

Some older articles actually explain implementation within SEL, and are also pretty good sources of valuable info:


6 thoughts on “Implementing a Game Engine: SEL

  1. Jonas


    I really like your article series about SEL and have two questions about it.

    Will you continue it and if you do, could you implement and explain one example-game using components.

    Sincerely, Jonas

    1. Randy Gaul Post author

      Hi Jonas,

      Yeah I’ll be continuing it mostly over my summer semester and after graduation. During uni I can’t really work on it since I don’t get any class credit for it.

  2. Jonas

    Hello again,

    I downloaded SEL from bitbucket and ran create_open_Sln.bat. When I tried to compile the produced .sin I got 2 Errors saying the gl/glew.h wasn´t found. After I fixed this bug by downloading glew.h and using it, I got 346 Errors in gl.h.
    The Compiler I use is Visual Studio 2013.
    Can you help me ?

    1. Randy Gaul Post author

      You should try looking up some tutorials on how to glew and OpenGL. Other than this I don’t have time to make a better build setup at least until May this year. The batch file is trying to open visual studio 2012, so I recommend you just make your own batch file or run premake yourself to generate a 2010 solution, then upgrade it yourself to 2013.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Jonas

    I fixed the OpenGL Problems now, the headers in SEL.h were not included in the right order.
    Thank you for the help !


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