Forest RTS – Unfinished Game


Decided to release an unfinished game that will never be finished. RIP. The game started as a for-fun game jam to test out working with a couple friends of mine. In the end we ended up working for 2-3 weeks before deciding to move on to another project. Read more about the game here.

Download executable: Download (ZIP, 9.53MB).

Link to source: here.


bear swamp_poison swamp

I ended up enjoying the human AI quite a bit, and it grew to a decent size! This was my first time implementing things like A*, or a semi-complex state machine, and the end it was total fun. Here’s an explanation of the human behavior in case anyone was curious (taken straight from the source code);

Download executable: Download (ZIP, 9.53MB).


5 thoughts on “Forest RTS – Unfinished Game

    1. Randy Gaul Post author

      It was an experiment to try working together and see what we could learn about teamwork. We thought it went well and decided finishing it wasn’t going to bring any value. In the end team members went their separate ways.


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