Mini RPG: Continued

I have been working on a StarCraft map for a week long contest at, however, today I forgot to bring my flashdrive with me so I now have no access to my mapfile and cannot work on it. Since I am unable to work on that for most of today, I decided to work on this file since I can copy//paste the source from my older post :)

Today I added in some comments to my code for easier read, added in a tiny method for the character class to add inventory items to the inventory (which is just a single list within the character class), created an item class, and started on the function that handles battles.

Overall progress is going at a decent pace while working on this project, but, I am not spending much time on it currently due to the week long contest I had mentioned.

At the moment this file doesn’t do anything new, but has new code within it.

Here is my current source file:


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